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Who Is Good Morrow?

Welcome! Good Morrow Pizza was founded in April 2021! Our business exists because of our family! We are two moms who want to show our kids you can work, have fun and achieve anything you put your mind too! Since opening, we’ve expanded the number of locations we serve and added many tasty new items to the menu. Check us out!


Jessica Good's Why!

Pizza is life! 

What does that mean to you? Probably nothing, except might make you crave pizza this very instant. For me, it means opportunity, freedom and so much more!

I wasn’t sure what “it” was that I needed until the discovery of Good Morrow Pizza. Before the launch each day I had a routine to follow or chaos would break out. Who can relate to that?  I wasn’t really living life, just checking the boxes for the day. It’s like my soul was lost, it was without any goals or hobbies of my own. YES I am a mom, I am fortunate for this gift, it’s everything I ever dreamed of! But something was missing, I needed something more. Something that would allow me to be me, let me LIVE LIFE, something to set my soul free! 

A food truck! What?!  It set me FREE! Free from the 8-5 corporate job! Free from missing my youngest crawl for the first time! Free from missing preschool pickup, free from missing field trips! Guys, I am on FIRE FROM FREEDOM! This fire lets me be me! I can be me! 

Life looks different now! I am still providing for my family financially, still making sure the days have routine. Chaos is now part of the daily check list! I work a crazy amount of hours. My extended family still thinks I’ve fallen off my rocker, but support us, as daughters as owners of a small business with pride! The most important difference, I am present. I am fully present! Not the robot mom! Pizza is life, the good life!  

Trinatee Morrow's Why

Why do we do this?

No, it's not for sales and money… if that was the case we wouldn't have even started let alone kept going as long as we have.

Let's start at where our lives were before pizza. 

Like many we were sitting at a desk job feeling lifeless, numb, almost like we were lost and searching for a passion, any passion, in our souls. Work, kids, sleep (if you can with all the littles running around), repeat. This opportunity lit that very faint spark we had left that was hidden deep in our what seemed like a dull, dark empty hole where we knew something was missing within us. 

It was an instant fire that exploded like 4th of July fireworks and made us feel alive! Like we had a purpose, like we had a metaphorical hunger as well as literal (🤣) hunger for pizza. It was so much more than an opportunity to make tasty pizzas and an odd way to make income. It became a passion. It saved us, all jokes aside, pizza is life…

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